White Lilac Flower Essence
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White Lilac Flower Essence

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The ephemeral smell of blooming Lilacs is quite unlike any other; something we very much look forward to experiencing each Spring. The fleeting life cycle of the Lilacs gives a graceful reminder that life too is short and sweet, and to embrace each moment as it arrives. If you find yourself ruminating over the past or worrying over what may come in the future, our White Lilac essence brings you back into a state of presence, able to settle into living life moment by precious moment, breath by sacred breath. Lilacs teach the delicate and important lesson of impermanence, facilitating states of greater self-awareness regarding how we may be clinging onto our expectations of reality. Lilac essence increases our capacity for openness and flexibility, helping us to understand and ultimately transform our attachments to people, places, things, and outcomes.

White Lilacs sing the harmonies of the ethereal world, heard by those who have the time and presence to tune in and listen with their heart. Lilac essence is a remedy for those who are constantly moving in busy-ness, with never a moment to stop and smell the flowers or hear the whispers of the Spirit World. With practice, expanded states of mindfulness and mediation can be achieved with the help of White Lilac essence through its ability to establish peacefulness in the body, mind and spirit. Those who desire a life lived slowly and devotedly will find strength and support from the Lilacs.

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Made with: White Lilac essence, spring water + brandy

+  local – organic – biodynamic  +  woman-made in a private home kitchen  +  crafted biodynamically, with the influences of Taurus, Gemini and Cancer  +

 Available in 0.5 oz bottles.

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