Anahata Glycerite
Anahata Glycerite
Medicine Sun

Anahata Glycerite

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This nourishing and delicious combination of Hawthorn leaves, flowers, and fruits, Rose petals and hips, and Motherwort tops tends to your Heart space, also known as the Anahata or Sun Chakra. This wonderful herbal trinity revitalizes the cardiovascular system and strengthens the Life Forces flowing to and from the Heart, establishing rhythmic balance and inspiring a renewed sense of purpose and fulfillment. We've also added crystal essences of Rose Quartz, for softening and opening the heart to boundless compassion, Pink Topaz, to connect with the Divine expression of Love and Light residing both within and without, and Danburite, for activating higher consciousness from a heart-centered perspective.

+  local - wild - organic - biodynamic  +  woman-made in a private home kitchen  +  crafted with the influences of Cancer, Leo, and Virgo

Made with: Hawthorn (Cratageus monogyna), Rose (Rosa canina, Rosa woodsii), Motherwort (Leonorus cardiaca), vegetable glycerin, spring water, Rose Quartz, Pink Topaz + Danburite essences

Available in 1 oz and 2 oz sizes.

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