Alignment | Limited Edition Print
Medicine Sun

Alignment | Limited Edition Print

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"Just as the Self of the human being is the center of the plurality of manifestations of his life of soul, so is the One God, transcending the Self, the centerpoint of the world."

This painting was created as a representation of the multitude of directions that surround and influence us as we sojourn through Earthly life. We can look Above, Below, North, South, East, West or to the Cosmos for guidance, but ultimately it is Within ourselves that we find our true alignment. 

These prints are from a limited run of 13. Each is signed and dated, and has the above quote written on the back.

You will receive an 8.5x11 reproduction of the original mixed media (watercolor, acrylic and ink) painting, printed on high quality velvet paper with vibrant archival inks. 

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