b l e s s   m e   t h a t   w i t h   t h e   a w a k e n i n g   d a w n

I   m a y   a w a k e n   a l l   s o u l s   w i t h   m y   o w n

a n d   b r i n g   t h e m   t o   t h e e

( p a r a m a h a n s a   y o g a n a n d a )

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Medicine Sun is a journey into the realms of creativity, holistic healing, and spiritual evolution, birthed to life in 2017 by Lindsay Reed. Our online offerings are rooted primarily in the arts and the practice of both inner and outer alchemy, with collections of artworks, apothecary items, handmade jewelry, and home decor. We also offer local and distant healing and spiritual services, including massage therapy, Reiki, astrology consultations, and Tarot readings.

After years of personal and professional projects and studies, and a great many dreams, having this vessel to pour her creative work into is a blessing Lindsay feels she is only just beginning to appreciate and understand. Medicine Sun allows her to share the fruits of her artistic and alchemical pursuits in servitude not only to her own personal becoming, but also to benefit the collective evolution. In the future, a community store and wellness center is in sight, and your support generates the foundation and structure for building this dream. 

We are living in very important times. Many prophecies have been told throughout the ages of a time when the Sixth Sun will rise and the Golden Age of Light and Truth will begin. Also known as Satya Yuga, this is a time when we will ascend into higher dimensions of living and the world will again know harmony and peace. We are now entering this Golden Age, and the work curated here through Medicine Sun corresponds directly to this re-awakening process and the evolution of Earth and humanity. It is our prayer that through sharing this work, we may spread seeds of Healing, seeds of Wisdom, seeds of Beauty, and seeds of Love that will take root and grow, showing the way along the path of heart that leads us into the coming Era of Light.

May all beings benefit from any good that we have done.

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l i n d s a y   r e e d  

o w n e r ,   a r t i s t ,   h e r b a l i s t,   L M T


 Lindsay began her professional path as an artist in 2009, studying graphic and web design in Salt Lake City, Utah. She never pursued a professional career as a designer, but kept practicing many forms of artwork in the years that followed, all leading up to her becoming an LMT and Reiki practitioner in 2015. It was massage therapy that really opened the doorway to her plant path (although she was raised using herbal medicines and homeopathy), which she officially began after working for a short while in an Eastern-based wellness clinic that offered acupuncture, massage, yoga, and Chinese herbs. After 4 years of studies and experimentation, Lindsay began locally offering her herbal crafts and has also begun sharing her knowledge with presentations on herbalism for home and health (see our events page for more info). Her artwork came to the forefront at the same time as the plants did, and both pathways have merged together in her creative life, and purposefully so. She dreams to one day evolve her work as an artist, herbalist, teacher, and bodyworker into a brick and mortar shop and wellness center, complete with beautiful gardens, a library, cafe, and ceremony space. This is the future vision for Medicine Sun, and the support we receive here and through our Patreon goes directly towards funding this dream into manifestation. 

Lindsay is based in Manti, Utah where she lives with her partner and their fur babies. They are working on their own version of homestead paradise, using biodynamics, permaculture, geometry, and personal ingenuity to build a functional, unique, and beautiful life together. They also work as a team with their family continuing the legacy of Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and Rat Fink through www.ratfink.com. Lindsay is currently continuing her education with The School of Evolutionary Herbalism and The Sophia Foundation of America.